Fight doping! - It's just not worth it.

About us

Pure For Sure is a movement founded by the Professor Arne Ljunqvist Anti-Doping Foundation. We are a non-profit organisation that works to inform, support and inspire the global sports community, the corporate world as well as schools and the public to work for “Pure Health” and “Clean Sports.” Our main focus is to develop educational programs and support research and other activities that raises awareness around doping.

You can read more about Professor Arne Ljungqvist’ s Anti-Doping Foundation and about himself and his career as the world-renowned doping hunter here.

Our vision

Everything we do, we do to raise awareness around and to prevent doping. We want to stop all use of doping substances in the public sphere as well as in the elite athlete arena. We want share all our knowledge, realizations and thoughts with everyone to help secure a dope-free world.

Today we work with prominent partners and institutions that help us develop and spread our message. Our goal is to inspire everyone to join us in our vision of Pure Health and Clean Sports.

We view our work for a dope-free world as part of the United Nations global goals as we work to prevent drug use and decrease violence, which are unfortunately often a side effect of doping.

Our Academy

With our academy we want to create learning around doping in an interesting and fun way. The educational material and learning paths are developed and individually tweaked for four different areas:

+ School with two categories: Junior high and high school
+ Athletic and Sports clubs
+ Gyms
+ Companies

You can read more about the educational programs under Academy in the menu bar at the top of the page where you can also order the material.